martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

El viaje es hacia dentro

Let everything you have.
Give everything you own.
Forget everything one day you thought was yours.
Empty your mind and
tell me everything you ever thought, 
tell me everything you ever thought you knew,
tell me everything you always wanted to say.
Take out everything you ever thought, learned, forgot,
heared, believed, saw, loved and dreamed.
Take your clothes off 
and everything what does not belong to your body.
Forget you mother, your father, your friends, your pets, your name
and what you always have thought you are.
Stop right there your routine.
Erase your past from your head,
every memory, every word, every-thing.
Sit down on the Mother Earth, feel her, 
and ask yourself:
Who am I? What am I?

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